Cervical mucus stages explained

Cervical mucus stages are observed during pregnancy by many women. It is generally considered to be the first indication of  being pregnant! If a woman is trying to conceive and is certain about getting ovulated, and at the same time still having a good amount of cervical mucus, then there is a high probability that the woman is actually pregnant.

Cervical mucus stages change during a woman’s cycle. Lets explain a typical cycle for a normal woman who ovulates by breaking down the whole cycle in various phases as follows:

  • The woman’s fluid is typically dry, immediately after menstruation.
  • Cervical mucus starts to become white and gluey, leading up to ovulation.
  • Cervical mucus (CM) stays thin and stretchy similar to egg white, during peak fertility and its called Egg White Consistency Cervical Mucus (EWCM)
  • After the ovulation, cervical mucus stage changes to sticky and starts to dries up.
  • In case of confirm pregnancy, a woman may observe implantation bleeding a number of day well before her due period.

During the pregnancy period, cervical mucus stages varies differently for different woman from week to week i.e for some week it is there on the constant basis and becomes too heavy and a panty liner might be needed. The other week it could be almost close to none. On the daily basis by closely observing the discharge a woman can easily find out a discharge similar to that of egg white. It is the best time to get pregnant as this fluid signals ovulation.

The cervical mucus stages during normal pregnancy stay creamy white or beige. A woman may notice that when she is active, the cervical mucus fluid typically increases. It might happen when a woman is involved in physical activities like house cleaning, or light exercise, doing so usually increase cervical fluid. This condition is perfectly normal and there is nothing to worried about as its a usual process. But if a woman experiences foul odor, green cervical fluid or even bleeding then this is something to discuss with the physician immediately. I f any of the these symptoms are observed, then contact your doctor at once, to make sure you do not have infection or something more problematic.

Getting familiar to cervical mucus stages on regular basis,  going through menstruation period, might actually help a lot in  recognizing if you’re at a low or high fertility stage. Generally speaking, with low fertility level, chances of becoming pregnant is also low. Various cervical mucus stages while a woman is pregnant are very common and typically increase as the due date comes closer.